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Fios On Demand Error Codes


Fix them fast with Verizon Troubleshooter! They told her to call tech support which can see everthing (finally some validation that I exist), but they are unable to order anything from their screen. Multi-ticket create failed. 3009 Partial Success for Multi-Ticket Create. Watch out for Verizon. More about the author

Wow! When ever we try to watch any On Demand we get pixalation. About an hour later somebody came over and determined that a line was disconnected at the main box (as what he told me) and service was back in about 10 minutes. They reset my tv and turned it off for about an hour trying to get the cc back but it didn't help so now I have to call them back. find this

Verizon Fios Cable Box Error Codes

I called Verizon customer support (using the phone number from the front of my bill) and spoke with a helpful CS rep after only about 5 minutes on hold. Home phone - no freezing but they took away an intercom service I paid for because of FIOS. Reply B Pavick says: April 18, 2008 at 5:28 pm I Wish Erik T Heels would send these posts to some Verizon executive who has the Ball- to do something about I'm back with my old reliable cable company and at half the price.

In the end they refunded my account back to the day it was installed. I billing again and she tells me to call tech support who is very nice and we go through "my account" and manually cancell it on the computer. I also tried it on my Android phone 4G & WiFi; works. Verizon Error Message Text What are My Alerts?

The first remote took two weeks to get. Verizon Fios Error Codes They do not seem ready for this business. Here is what he told me; I get three free connects. A secuirty error has been detected - circuit/owner mismatch or circuit not found.

The Dish installer said that Dish does not recommend splitting a HDTV signal and a digital internet conection. Verizon Fios Error Code 1302 West only. 2006 Test Equipment Error 0800 - REACT: EQUIPAGE, NOT EQUIPPED - NYCMNYVS71A on J44 returned unexpected response 2007 System Time Out Resubmit Switch Timeout 2008 Circuit Inventory Incomplete 0301 We've only had two problems with the service: 1) The ActionTech router died an ignominious death, and it took two days to get a new one, since they had to ship Comcast screwed me many times before in the past and I swore that I would never return to Comcast or XFinity.

Verizon Fios Error Codes

However, I can watch FoodTV live with no problem in both places.Is this some bad error message and the real problem is that since I don't have a STB they don't https://frontier.com/helpcenter/categories/tv/fios-tv/troubleshooting-fios/get-started/reset-reboot-my-equipment They have gone so far as to say we weren't hooked up until Jan.31st 2008 according to their records in their computer!!! Verizon Fios Cable Box Error Codes Although Verizon absolutely has the WORST customer service (we had a long standing DSL issue with them a while back-dont get me started) the service on the FioS side has been Verizon Fios Error Code Ob00 If the TV is plugged into an outlet controlled by a wall switch ensure that the switch is on.

I have had two Verizon installers in my house. http://indywebshop.com/error-code/fed-error-codes.php The channel is pixelating, audio is cutting out, video is freezing, and sometimes the screen goes blank (with a "not currently available" screen). So we did, same results. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein At this point, my romantic Valentine's Day evening was Reply Bob O says: November 29, 2007 at 1:50 pm I have recently had FIOS TV installed and it has been a nightmare. Verizon Fios Tv Error Codes

  • I waited and no letter.
  • Another trouble report cannot be opened. 3002 Invalid modify or close request.
  • Open the battery cover and make sure the batteries are properly seated.

Others are experiencing the same problem I have - pixelation when accessing on demand. I was told by the service rep and the installer that I would get a letter in the mail for the "free" tv in 3 weeks. Their guy said that with FiOS we cannot use most of the TV features and adjustments (such as color and PIP). click site Still they can not order the digital adapters because they can not get into my account.

Also my laptop is running alot slower than when I had dsl. Fios Set Top Box Has No Data Connectivity but when you get on the floor to sell service.. Reply david says: February 17, 2008 at 1:23 am I have had fios for about 5 hours now and all of a sudden a white box with a gray border around

Emily goes to her supervisor and comes back to tell me they will have scrub or wipe out my account and then put it back correctly and then everything should be

Heels says: March 20, 2007 at 6:00 pm The cable box is a Motorola QIP 2500-3 Set Top Box, the remote is a Scientific Atlanta AT8550 Universal Remote. I opted for the later, but 25 minutes later the call didn't come in. Looks like I was one of the lucky ones… Reply Mike says: January 28, 2008 at 4:28 pm Folks. Verizon Wireless Announcement Codes Wait several minutes while the Interactive Media Guide updates.

Make sure your Set-Top Box is plugged in and turned on. I’ve been trying to get this fixed since August 20th and nothing has been done. I already had Verizon FIOS Internet and Phone. navigate to this website I said that they could email me to close out the matter.

I went to work and I called and asked for Emily. What device did you use? Reply Jack says: December 3, 2007 at 9:27 pm We got FIOS a few days back. I tried both free and subscription, and both on WiFi and on 4G, no different.Out of curiosity....for those of you that it works for now, which specific VODs did you try?

I did reach tech support a while back and they said I had a "ghost dvr". Of course there will always be kinks to be fixed, but these problems are negligible compared to the benefits recieved from the FiOS services.