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Fatal Error Call To Undefined Function Character_limiter


Improved performance of the Encryption library on servers where Mcrypt is available. You can assign AM module to home page(requires v3.6). 2. Added ability in the Image Library to handle PNG transparency for resize operations when using the GD lib. Added 'audio/mpg' to list of mime types. his comment is here

Added ability to set tag attributes for individual cells in the Table library Added a parse_string() method to the Parser Class. Added Chrome and Flock to the list of detectable browsers by browser() in the User Agent Class. Upgrading RAM in VMware Player VM How to get past the "password and username do not match" error in Google Talk on the Blackberry Free Crossover on Ubuntu FTW! monet Purchased over 3 years ago thanks gewa13 Author over 3 years ago You’re welcome.

Call To Undefined Function Base_url() Codeigniter

Active Record Added protect_identifiers() in Active Record. Fixed a bug in the profilers _compile_queries() function. Visual updates to the welcome_message view file and default error templates. Fixed a bug (#3279) where the Email class was sending the wrong Content-Transfer-Encoding for some character sets.

Removed 'active_r' configuration setting and replaced with a global $active_record setting, which is more in harmony with the global nature of the behavior (#1834). Fixed a bug (#4615) that was not setting SMTP authorization settings when using the initialize function. Default value is 'UTF-8', used in some string handling functions. Call To Undefined Function Base_url() Codeigniter 3 Fixed DB backup bug in which field names were not being escaped.

Libraries Added a Cache driver with APC, memcached, and file-based support. Call To Undefined Function Site_url() In Codeigniter Fixed a bug (#4206) in the Directory Helper where the directory resource was not being closed, and minor improvements. Added rename_table() into DBForge. http://www.searchmarked.com/wordpress/how-to-fix-the-fatal-error-call-to-undefined-function-the_content_limit.php ystrooba Purchased over 3 years ago Hello Gewa, module not showing up in modules (admin) after installation….

Fixed a bug (#1699) - Migration Library ignored the $config['migration_path'] setting. Call To Undefined Function Form_open() Added a doctype() function to the HTML helper. CodeIgniter now requires PHP 5.1.6. Fixed a bug in the Form Validation library where multiple callbacks weren't working (#6110) doctype helper default value was missing a "1".

  • Fixed a bug where double spaces within tag attributes were being converted to non-breaking space entities.
  • Fixed a bug in the Session class when database sessions are used where upon session update all userdata would be errantly written to the session cookie.
  • Fixed a bug in which identifers were not being escaped properly when reserved characters were used.
  • Helpers & Plugins Added link_tag() to the HTML helper.
  • How do I gain access to the dashboard?
  • Backwards compatible with 'dash' or 'underscore' as words delimiters.
  • Altered User agent library so that is_browser(), is_mobile() and is_robot() can optionally check for a specific browser or mobile device.
  • Removed an unused Router reference in _display_cache().

Call To Undefined Function Site_url() In Codeigniter

Fixed a routing bug (#4661) that occurred when the default route pointed to a subfolder. visit Added ability to force lowercase for url_title() in the URL helper. Call To Undefined Function Base_url() Codeigniter Core Changes Modified xss_clean() to be more intelligent with its handling of URL encoded strings. Call To Undefined Function Site_url Wordpress REGISTER LOG IN © 2008-2015 aiHit Ltd.

Check your database from phpmyadmin, and see if there are any article manager tables in there like mod_articles. http://indywebshop.com/call-to/fatal-error-call-to-undefined-function.php Pls send me Blogroll Chris Wolf Harley Stagner The Powershell Guy Ubuntu Blog Virtualization.info Recent Readers JOIN MY COMMUNITY! As I reduce the number of results with article-tags? Added max_filename option to set a file name length limit in the File Upload Class. Fatal Error Call To Undefined Function Site_url() In Codeigniter

Fixed a bug (Core #329) where the file caching driver referenced the incorrect cache directory. Added current_url() and uri_segments() to URL helper. Fixed a bug with high ascii characters in subject and from email headers. weblink You save my valuable time as well as Data God Bless You!!!

Thank you. Codeigniter Site_url gewa13 Author over 3 years ago I forgot to include gallery file in the main article package. Added CSRF (Cross-site Reference Forgery) protection to the Security library.

When cropping an image with identical height/width settings on output, a copy is made.

Changed the 'plural' function so that it doesn't ruin the captalization of your string. gewa13 Author over 3 years ago Make sure that your server time zone matches time zone in admin configuration, otherwize, you would need to set article publish date few hours behind, Fixed a bug that would cause PHP errors in XML-RPC data if the PHP data type did not match the specified XML-RPC type. Wordpress Get Site Url Added the ability to store libraries in subdirectories within either the main "libraries" or the local application "libraries" folder.

You have saved me after 2 days of frustration!!! Fixed a bug (#1872) where word_limiter() was not retaining whitespace. zaferbaspinar Purchased over 3 years ago gewa13 good work Thanks ! check over here Added database_exists() to the Database Utilities Class.

Fixed a bug in the Calendar library where the shortname was output for "May". Fixed a logic error in the DB trans_status() function. Extended License Selected $105 Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for. Moved system/cache and system/logs directories to the application directory.

Any items why its still not working??? Fixed a bug (#2668) in the parser class where numeric data was ignored. Database database configuration. in a single "package" directory.

If you do not have an account, you can CREATE one free of charge. Fixed typos in the email Language class (email_attachment_unredable, email_filed_smtp_login), and FTP Class (ftp_unable_to_remame). gewa13 Author over 3 years ago As I mentioned to you before, email me from y profile with your ftp and admin username/password. Fixed a bug in display of POST keys in the Profiler output Fixed a bug in display of queries with characters that would be interpreted as HTML in the Profiler output

Fixed a bug (#2545) in _html_entity_decode_callback() when 'global_xss_filtering' is enabled. Switched some DIR_WRITE_MODE constant uses to FILE_WRITE_MODE where files and not directories are being operated on. This is a module, that requires CMS pro BanditZero Purchased over 3 years ago I cant got Article manager to save any new article.